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Playing with the plasticity of a rigid material...


The workshop of VaDeForja was born in Organyà (Alt Urgell) after four generations dedicated to the trade of smith and locksmith.


I'm Ramon, and since 1998 this is my profession.

Together with my partner, Mercè, we have named the workshop and entered to the world that we are passionate about: the design and creation of unique pieces of artistic forge.

The result are original, quality pieces, as rustic as contemporary, open to any style... Because we enjoy playing with the plasticity of this rigid material.


Where to find us?

We currently have the workshop in the village of Organyà, where we work forging and locksmithing. Even so, we go to many fairs constantly throughout Catalonia and the south of France.

Cooperativa Espigolers, 28,  Organyà, 25794 (Lleida) Spain

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